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RED SAFFIANO-COLLAR, the king of dog accessories

These new luxury dog collars are made of Pompeian-red Saffiano leather, lined with natural cowhide and embellished with polished nickel-plated solid brass accessories.

Saffiano leather is obtained from calfskin through expensive and complicated steps and is characterized by the particular ”scratched” texture. The material, produced solely in the Tuscan leather district, is printed, pigmented and waxed through 12 processing steps that make it ”three-dimensional”, multi-tone, and rich to the touch. The end result is a refined leather, capable of ensuring perfect resistance to water, scratches, the passage of time and external agents that could stain it, without however sacrificing great elegance.

Red Saffiano-Collar, a collar for dogs with a classic, chic, elegant design that will accompany your four-legged friend for many years.

EMMA Firenze, in the continuous search for a sustainable production path, uses completely recyclable natural brass accessories.

The double loop allows a perfect and correct adherence of the collar that can be coordinated with the RED SAFFIANO-LEASH lead. A combination that, thanks to the excellence of the materials and the skilled workmanship of Florentine leather craftsmen, guarantees elegance, class and is destined to last over time.

EMMA Firenze produces this collar in three sizes, suitable for smaller dogs, medium and medium/large dogs such as dachshunds, Maltese dogs, Jack Russels, French bulldogs, poodles, chihuahuas, greyhounds, pinschers, pugs, beagles, boxers, bull terriers, Dobermans, Dalmatian and Weimaraner.

Handcrafted by hand

You will receive our products in an exclusive rigid packaging; alternatively, you can request a precious gift pack at no extra cost.

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