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“Working the leather is not only a passion and a work, is my way of expressing the love for a centenary art form that I try to renew and interpretate everyday of my life.”
Marcello, Maestro Artigiano
Nero & Sofia Italian Artisan Maestro

Nero & Sofia is an Italian brand as well as the first e-store entirely dedicated to made in Italy dog products. Our original collections and all the products that you can purchase on our store are 100% handmade in Italy by Italian artisans. 

The Italian craftsmanship is made of traditions that pass through generations, it’s made then of people, lives, stories and experiences. Becoming an Artisan “Maestro” (master) means developing a deep and strong connection with materials and techniques and with the people related to them. It’s a matter of devotion, listening, daily commitment, patience.

Similarly, loving a dog is an intense personal experience made of daily life together, where care and patience build a relationship that often lasts longer than life. Nothing like an artisanal work of art can express better that special bond that there is between a dog and his owner.

Nero & Sofia wants to underline this special bond, starting with its own company name, and articulating the concept in its product collections. That’s why we produce and choose only the best handmade products, made with “alive” materials like leather, wood, natural fabrics, that like men and women absorb the signs of time, evolve and simply become: unique. 


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