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The Duke Doglist "Loft" Dog Bed Covers




The Duke Doglist "Loft" Dog Bed Covers

Give your dog bed a makeover!

If you need a change, make easy following your every whim.
Loft's interchangeable covers are made using the the same fabric as Loft’s original outer coat. This fabric is a patented fabric called "Dream". Dream is one-of-a-kind fabric, with top quality characteristics: waterproof, oilproof, breathable, antibacterial, mold-proof, stain resistant, long lasting, rot-proof, UV resistant, all season. 
Be creative, with ten colors to choose from, the sky is the limit.

How to remove the cover of your The Duke Doglist dog bed:

1) Remove the cushion from Loft, open the zip and remove the padding. You can now substitute the cushion's cover.

2) Orient Loft so that the main label "The Duke" is in front of you. Raise the fabric that hides the zip, open it and carefully pull the mattress out of the outer lining. You can now substitute Loft's cover.

That's it!

Small 80x60x10 cm - 31"x24"x4" Inches
Medium 100x75x12 cm - 39"x29"x5" Inches
Large 115x85x12 cm - 45"x33"x5" Inches

This product is completely handcrafted in Italy in an artisanal way, so please allow us to work up to 12 working days prior to shipment.

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